How WATCH Works

The WATCH service works via an alarm unit that simply connects to your existing telephone line.

By pressing a button on the unit or via a button, worn as a pendant around your neck or wrist, help is available any time, day or night.

The button works anywhere within your home and garden using a powerful microphone to enable the call centre to hear you, even if you are in a different room.

If you are unable to speak or cannot be heard, we will still be able to identify your name and address so somebody can be sent to your aid.

Step 1

Press the button to activate the alarm.

Step 2

The alarm unit dials our dedicated call centre, alerting a trained operator that you need help who will identify you and access your medical and emergency contact details.

Step 3

The operator will check that you are okay and contact your designated key holder (relative, neighbour or friend) or the emergency services if necessary.

Step 4

If needed, help will arrive.

If you would like receive any leaflets to display at your place of work, local surgery, pharmacy please contact us and we can post these out to you.

Would you like a free demonstration of our WATCH alarm and associated technologies then please contact us via the most convenient method and we can book this in for you.

Would you like a demonstration to a group or the WATCH alarm service to attend an exhibition then please contact the Team to arrange.

For furthur information about how telecare enables people to remain safe and independent in their own home, visit Mick's House